Press Statement

By: Kevin Heydt, CEO

Renew Power Group, an Australian renewable energy developer and asset owner, has announced the completion of the 5.6MW Peterborough Solar Farm in South Australia.

Renew Power Group developed and fully funded the $9.5 million project. GCo Electrical were the contractor responsible for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. The project has used global tier one equipment suppliers including SMA inverters, Trina solar panels and NEXTracker mounting systems to deliver a project with an expected life of over 35 years.

Kevin Heydt, Renew Power Group CEO, commented “Today is a significant milestone for Renew Power and South Australia. Peterborough Solar Farm is currently the largest solar farm in operation in the State and we are thrilled to have assisted in bringing employment opportunities to the local Peterborough community. I’d like to thank all the project stakeholders, including SA Power Networks, for their valuable assistance in bringing the project to completion.”

Consisting of 15,625 Trina solar photovoltaic panels and 2 x 5.75MW SMA inverters and constructed on a 9-hectare site, the facility is expected to generate approximately 11 GWh of energy annually.

Mr Heydt also commented, “We at Renew Power are also proud of doing our bit for the environment. This project will save up to 7,500 tonnes of CO2 per year, corresponding to the consumption of around 1,500 Australian homes.”

The project is currently selling energy directly into the National Electricity Market on a merchant basis. Renew Power Group is in active discussions with potential customers to contract the power directly from the solar farm.

Renew Power Group is in the final stages of developing its next project in SA, the Pirie Solar Farm, which recently received Development Consent from the Pirie Council and Grid Connection offer from SA Power Networks.

About Renew Power Group:

Renew Power Group develops wind and solar renewable projects that produce electricity in a manner that is environmentally and economically sound. We apply our pioneering experience to all aspects of project development, from project inception through to completion of construction and operations. The Renew Power Group has a broad and opportunistic approach to the development stage of projects either through:

1. Partnering with developers who may require development expertise particularity around project off-take and capital structuring, or
2. Investing in projects with validated site data and well understood planning pathways. We will add value by completing the development phase including funding, optimising and expanding projects.